Bulldog Soap

Bulldog Soap is a handmade soap company offering premium crafted soap products located in Kamloops, British Columbia. The store offers a wide variety of soaps with an array of natural additions. Every bar is forged with the love and attention only a handmade soap company can offer.
Our proposal created a brand that makes allusion to the natural accents of “flavor” and aroma in the soaps getting presented in a minimalistic and approachable way.
This was obtained by using bold circles as the bubbles in the typeface and by using a subtle color palette referencing the essence of cleanliness, which is present throughout the brand’s packaging.

The logo brings together the sense of purity and harmony, playing with the idea that every soap bar shares a different story. On the soap packaging you can find quotations that describe the soap’s personality accentuating each soap’s different characteristics in a unique way.

We kept the Bulldog icon simple, clean and minimal, a tie to the brands values and principles.

Bubble Logotype
Box Branding
Bulldog Logomark
business card mockup
Cosmetics Bottles
Cosmetics Bottles
Logomark with Bubbles
Logomark with Bubbles
four soap
tee card
Tee Promo
Business Card

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