Joe Dojo

Our branding proposal for an emerging Coffee Lounge in Victoria, B.C.

This project featured full brand identity with our client struggling to find a memorable brand name to integrate their image and vision.

We centered our efforts on designing a typographical logo inspired by the architectural support elements from their establishment, accentuating bold features highlighting the brand’s personality in hand with a clean and elegant identity.

The brand employs a neutral colour palette with a distinctive unique tone achieving an interesting visual equilibrium, making them stand out from their competitors.



Joe Dojo & Slogan
Joe Dojo
Joe Dojo
Take Away Packaging
Mug Style #3
Business Card Colour Variations
Business Card Colour Variations
Wall Signage
Interior Signage
Promotional Material
Promotional Application
Mug 2
Mug Style #1
Mug 1
Mug Style #2
Logomark Wall Application
Interior Wall Painted Signage
Landing Page
Landing Page
Business Cards
Business Card Variations
Black Apron
Apron Application

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