Lione & Pride

Our Lione and Pride re brand is inspired by owner Joseph Lione who wanted a complete overhaul on an ageing brand. We created a new modern label by playing on the name Lione.

Applying the Lion emblem, the re brand represents visual components and of the name Lion and Pride respectively. A subtle monoline design draws the eye and tells a story to the buyer at first glance

The color palette integrates colouration of the Pride itself with an aged sand primary, highlighted by a deep navy which works to create an image of elegance. The re brand achieves a modern perspective emphasising Lione & Pride as a heavyweight of the clothing industry.


Lione & Pride-01
Lione & Pride Logotype
Retail Bags
Retail Bags Back
Retail Bags
Retail Bags Front
Embossed Letter headed Paper
Embossed Letter Headed Paper

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