Hello Toast

Hello Toast is a well established, funky and bustling breakfast and lunch restaurant, situated in downtown Kamloops, B.C.

We developed a web page that immediately displays a sense of space and calm, opting for visual elements be the focal point. A soothing colour contrast overlay invites the user to scroll through and keeps the brand identity fluid throughout.

The symmetric distribution and the image heavy backing sets a modern visual tone that reads as an ordered playlist, but retains a contemporary youthful sensibility. The whole development results in a simple and friendly online experience for people with a sympathy for food and design.

To address dynamic structure, we transformed simple elements into distinctly visual experiences influencing people to discover the web page via our carefully crafted journey.

The page was designed to be user friendly on all platforms including Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

Visit – http://www.hellotoast.ca


Web Showcase border LONG-01

Categories: Web Design

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