We were approached by an existing used guitar store in Toronto to re-imagine their brand with naming and identity.

Due to it’s extensive history, we wanted to develop a timeless appearance and combine it with a playful, youthful brand name, the result – Forever Plucked – births an immortal image that appeals in an age of electronics and retains its heritage and tradition.

The name suggests a brand that will endure throughout time, referencing the numerous owners and musicians each guitar experiences throughout it’s lifetime, to be…       Forever Plucked.

The typeface grabs inspiration from classic musical notes. The thin weight and long stem, as well as a thoughtful and delicate kerning between characters, build a typeface that takes its form from quarter notes.

A cream was used as the primary color in our palette with a dark grey secondary embellishing the overall appearance. A nod towards a Plectrum comes in the form of a subtle outline for the logotype to rest upon.

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