Our objective centered on integrating FAC51 The Hacienda as a strong, ever present  identity within the brand, merging its distinctive components through an unconventional aesthetical perspective.

The branding was inspired by Factory Records and the iconic Manchester underground culture of the 80’s and early 90’s reinforced by the carefully selected colour palette – deep rooted throughout Fac51’s existence.

The project outcome results in a brand departing from the conventional beer labels, keeping a cleaner image that portrays the identity requested in our clients mission brief.

FAC30 Beer Bottle MockUpBusiness CardBeer Bottle MockupBig Wall Mockupbottlecapscancan2FAC30 teehand bottleT-shirt MockupFac30 BREWING CO 2-01Fac30 BREWING CO 1-01

Categories: Advertising, branding, Branding Proposal, Logos

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