Energy Xtreme aims to bring awareness and credible information on the current energy climate of the world.

Our brand proposal uses a skeleton windmill structure for the insignia visually representing a timeless piece of engineering.

We created a conspicious typeface that works to eulogize the emblem. White is used on a duotone background to create a striking introduction to the brand.

The resulting logo generates variants claiming advantage of its visual versatility.

Energy X2-01-01energy xtreme x-01minimal-mockup-featuring-two-business-card-packs-45-elmockup-featuring-a-12-oz-enamel-mug-hanging-from-a-rope-180-elmockup-of-a-young-designer-working-on-an-imac-and-using-an-iphone-a4893man-with-badge-holder-7823tote-bag-mockup-of-a-young-woman-sitting-on-rocks-in-a-sunny-day-108-elduotone

Categories: Branding Proposal, Corporate Branding, Logos

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