Inspired by Vancouver’s colourful sea features, we’ve created a brand identity that stands out due to its unique approach to details.

The logo presents a maritime design reminiscent of the type of lettering found in old cartographic works, with a symmetric but non uniform touch that enhances its layout.

The architecture for this project fuses both modern and classic Nautical ends. We’ve created a space that feels seafaring without clichés. As a strategic eye-catching device, we started by developing a complimentery palette. This simple detail allows the brand to keep a unique manner throughout.

The Typography is complemented with a subtle anchor insignia that connects it with its namesake, inspired by the typeface construction itself.

ANCHOR BY THE SEA5-01mockup-of-different-sized-piles-of-business-cards-42-elmockup-of-a-gift-bag-standing-on-a-solid-surface-24053ANCHOR BY THE SEA2-01mockup-of-different-sized-piles-of-business-cards-42-el (1)menu-template-lying-over-dishes-near-a-glass-of-white-wine-on-a-wooden-table-a14753mockup-of-a-business-card-being-held-against-a-roof-21920mockup-of-a-neatly-folded-tee-24200label-mockup-featuring-a-beer-glass-at-a-table-a6956mockup-of-two-21-oz-enamel-mugs-in-different-positions-against-a-white-background-28258ANCHOR BY THE SEA3-01ANCHOR BY THE SEA4-01

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