We were asked to develop a full brand identity including name, tagline and logo by an up and coming organisation in Kamloops, B.C, specialising in craft inspired events and workshops. Their one request being that its inspiration be space orientated.

The result – Space Crafts – A fun, multilayered play on words and imagery.

For Space Crafts, we designed a feature heavy brand badge, unifying both image and tagline harmoniously.

Our Science Camp Badge inspired design is symbolized by its use of bold typography and eye catching visuals, forming a concept that can be administered to various branding applications.

Finally, the palette is kept colourful, with every note carefully selected to bring harmony and contrast in equal measure.

SC COLOUR-01business-card-mockup-of-two-vertically-stacked-sets-leaning-against-a-wall-21954Mocup on Pop Socketmockup-of-a-vertical-business-card-floating-over-a-solid-background-25042mockup-of-a-space-gray-iphone-xs-max-on-a-silk-surface-25969sweatshirt-mockup-of-a-girl-against-an-outer-space-background-18755mockup-of-a-pillow-on-an-elegant-wooden-chair-25910render-mockup-of-a-coffee-mug-in-a-colored-space-24486 (1)t-shirt-mockup-of-a-girl-against-an-outer-space-background-18594


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