Preloved Dove is heading up the Instagram revolution of reinvented thrift fashion, striving to help create a more sustainable planet one outfit at a time.

Our objective centered on integrating the dove concept with the identity merging its distinctive components through an traditional aesthetical perspective.

The badge style logo was inspired by vintage street fashion and prohibition era icons, reinforced by a carefully selected homogeneous palette. The project outcome results in a brand departing from the contemporary, regaling the consumer with a story of the clothings heritage.

To follow and join the revolution – @preloved_dove

preloved dove white-01vertical-business-card-mockup-lying-on-a-brown-grayscale-surface-a15023mockup-of-a-woman-holding-a-tote-bag-at-a-studio-28833t-shirt-mockup-of-a-woman-taking-a-picture-with-her-vintage-camera-22001mockup-of-a-t-shirt-lying-folded-next-to-shoes-and-accessories-a16958book-mockup-lying-with-other-books-in-a-vintage-case-a19282mockup-of-a-business-card-being-held-next-to-a-coffee-cup-21911letterhead-mockup-of-an-a4-paper-on-a-clipboard-27170iphone-mockup-in-portrait-position-featuring-a-woman-in-a-vintage-scooter-outdoors-12955drawstring-mockup-of-a-woman-standing-next-to-a-vintage-car-27576mockup-of-a-girl-wearing-a-tshirt-leaning-against-a-vintage-car-22792

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