Yew Street Food Hall

Our Yew Street Food Hall proposal uses symbolism and easy, simple language to communicate friendliness, collectiveness and comfort.

Drawing influence from its street name – Yew, our idea combines a hand depicted Yew tree with a vintage typewriter inspired typeface that contrasts with the custom arrangements and bold colours that make the brand.

The colour palette and coarse aesthetics gives an air of a time-tested, proven establishment that provides the potential consumer with a peace of mind before even walking through the door.

The brand also uses simpler versions of the logo in seal, type, emblem and abbreviated forms – a nod toward its diverse character. This also allows effective exposure on multiple media, print and merchandising formats, without ever losing brand fluidity.

Finally we introduce the tagline – Gastronomy, Libations, Festivity – to encompass what Yew Street Food Hall is all about; Phenomenal food and drinks, combined with a unique social experience.

A word from the owners…

The Yew Street Food Hall will have 10 stalls with an anchor restaurant, two bars, and seven additional 80 square foot stalls for partner restaurants to serve food, each using the large commissary kitchen to prep and create.

The management team is firmly focused on bringing on unique, locally owned restaurants that will add to the collection of fresh and local food.

The benefits of this collaborative food hall concept will save you having to hire additional service staff and many other needed items are included!

Interested in becoming a vendor and securing one of the last two stalls? Contact our team today for more info!

Visit or call Jeff Mitton on 778-257-6499 for more information.

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