Twisted Steak

Twisted Steak, previously Twisted Olive in Kamloops B.C, requested a rebrand that represented and refreshed the companies new direction.

We reinvented their logo by mixing elements from their previous image, updating the style and form. We created a modern typeface originating from sturdy chef knives and incorporated our twist on “The Twist”. The emblem was designed to be easily recognised, telling a full story of the brand, thus, becoming more client-friendly. The approach of the logomark makes it easily replicated over various media application, maximising brand recognition without interfering with imagery.

Twisted Steak is located at 1175 Rogers Way in Kamloops, inside the Sheraton Hotel.

You can find their delicious menu at

For bookings please call 236 – 425 – 3001.

Categories: Logos, Re Branding